Edmonds City Council Business Meeting

Event Date: 
Tue, 02/02/2016 - 10:00pm - Wed, 02/03/2016 - 1:00am

Council Chambers ~ Public Safety Complex
250 5th Avenue North, Edmonds

FEBRUARY 2, 2016


1.         Roll Call
2.       (5 Minutes) Approval of Agenda
3.       (5 Minutes) Approval of Consent Agenda Items
A.     8310   Approval of draft City Council Meeting minutes of January 26, 2016.
B.     8309   Approval of claim checks #218274 through #218371 dated January 28, 2016 for $778,870.69.
C.     8297   Authorization for Mayor to sign the Commute Trip Reduction Agreement
D.     8298   Authorization for Mayor to sign a Supplemental Agreement with David Evans and Associates for the 76th Ave at 212th St. Intersection Improvement Project
E.     8299   Secondary Clarifier No. 3 Structural Repair Project for the Wastewater Treatment Plant
F.     8302   Discussion and potential action on an ordinance amending the 2016 Budget for Carryforward items previously discussed and approved by Council during the 2015 Budget Year.
G.     8303   Hourly Equipment Rental Rates for External Agencies and the Transportation Benefit District
H.     8307   Authorization for Mayor to sign park concession agreement with Dog Day Afternoon for an ATM at Richard F. Anway Park
I.     8314   Fishing Pier Rehabilitation Project Contract Award
J.     8260   Authorization for Mayor to sign a Professional Services Agreement with BHC Consultants for the Lake Ballinger Sewer Main Study.
4.         Audience Comments (3 minute limit per person)*
*Regarding matters not listed on the Agenda as Closed Record Review or as Public Hearings
5.         ACTION ITEMS
A.     8293  
(30 Minutes)  
Veterans' Plaza update.
B.     8292  
(45 Minutes)  
Marina Beach Master Plan Approval
C.     8300  
(10 Minutes)  
Snohomish County ILA Amendment No.2
D.     8312  
(15 Minutes)  
Ordinance Reestablishing Citizens Economic Development Commission
E.     8305  
(15 Minutes)  
Reconsideration of the Mayor’s veto of Ordinance No. 4017 - Amending the Critical Areas Regulations contained in Edmonds Community Development Code Chapters 23.40 Environmentally Critical Areas General Provisions, 23.50 Wetlands, 23.60 Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas, 23.70 Frequently Flooded Areas, 23.80 Geologically Hazardous Areas, and 23.90 Fish And Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas, and amending ECDC Section 19.00.025, A Provision of the Building Code related to Frequently Flooded Areas.
F.     8308  
(30 Minutes)  
Consideration of the Critical Areas Ordinance
6.       (5 Minutes) Mayor's Comments
7.       (15 Minutes) Council Comments
8.          Convene in executive session regarding pending or potential litigation per RCW 42.30.110(1)(i).
9.          Reconvene in open session. Potential action as a result of meeting in executive session.

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