Edmonds City Council Work Session

Event Date: 
Tue, 01/12/2016 - 10:00pm - Wed, 01/13/2016 - 1:00am


JANUARY 12, 2015



1.       (5 Minutes) Roll Call
2.       (5 Minutes) Approval of Agenda
3.       (5 Minutes) Approval of Consent Agenda Items
A.     8219   Approval of draft City Council Meeting minutes of January 5, 2016.
B.     8231   Approval of claim checks #217894 through #218028 dated January 7, 2016 for $2,504,306.32. (Check #217894 $165,000.00 was voided and re-issued as check #217894 for $165,600.00)

Approval of payroll direct deposit and checks #62009 through #62018 for $496,548.94, benefit checks #62019 through #62026 and wire payments of $461,868.55 for the pay period December 16, 2015 through December 31, 2015.
C.     8222   Acknowledge receipt of a Claim for Damages from Stephen Millet (amount undetermined).
D.     8227   Non-Represented Compensation Policy language (updated)
4.         Audience Comments (3 minute limit per person)*
*Regarding matters not listed on the Agenda as Closed Record Review or as Public Hearings
5.         ACTION ITEMS
A.     8236  
(5 Minutes)  
Appointment of Committee Representatives for 2016
6.          STUDY ITEMS
A.     8228  
(15 Minutes)  
Senior Construction Inspector, IS Manager & Accounting Manager job descriptions
B.     8237  
(30 Minutes)  
Presentation and Discussion of Updates to ECC 17.60 and 8.48 Relating to Parking in Residential Zones (Private Property and Public Right-of-Way)
C.     8230  
(10 Minutes)  
Summary of 2015 CG and CG2 Development in the Highway 99 Area.
D.     8221  
(5 Minutes)  
Authorization for Mayor to sign 2015-2017 Coordinated Prevention Grant Agreement with Department of Ecology.
E.     8238  
(10 Minutes)  
Presentation of a Professional Services Agreement with Louis Berger Group for design of the Dayton Street Stormwater Pump Station
F.     8226  
(10 Minutes)  
Authorization for Mayor to sign the Second Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement with the Lake Ballinger/McAleer Creek Watershed Forum.
G.     8225  
(10 Minutes)  
Authorization for Mayor to sign a sewer easement for an existing sewer main.
H.     8224  
(10 Minutes)  
Authorization for Mayor to sign a Professional Services Agreement with BHC Consultants for the Lake Ballinger Sewer Trunk Main Study.
I.     8233  
(10 Minutes)  
Authorization for Mayor to sign and accept right of way documents from Edmonds School District for the Madronna Walkway Project.
J.     8235  
(10 Minutes)  
Authorization for Mayor to sign the TIB Fuel Tax Grant Distribution Agreement for the 238th St. SW Walkway from Highway 99 to SR-104
K.     8241  
(30 Minutes)  
City Attorney Annual Report.
7.       (5 Minutes) Mayor's Comments
8.       (15 Minutes) Council Comments
9.          Convene in executive session regarding pending or potential litigation per RCW 42.30.110(1)(i).
10.          Reconvene in open session. Potential action as a result of meeting in executive session.